Your donation will make it possible for LCS to continue its projects, revitalizing minority cultures and languages with storybases via digital technology. Without such efforts, one half of the precious diversity of cultures and languages of the planet may be lost within 50 years, along with intimate knowledge of fragile ecosystems and humanity’s living resource of alternative, cooperative social models. Indigenous peoples are the custodians of biodiversity. LCS builds pride, identity and self-empowerment for these disenfranchised peoples. We bring the generations together again, reconnect those now living in cities with their traditional roots and help to create cultural landmarks and ecotourism opportunities, which benefit the communities we serve.


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Any contribution will help us continue this important work and enable LCS to reach new communities around the globe. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


If you live in the US, your donation to our 501c(3) nonprofit organization is fully tax-deductible.