ABOUT US International

Paul Rankin ( UK )

Paul was the founder and technology architect behind a win-win enterprise, 'Voices in Your Hand', providing an appropriate form of digital inclusion for illiterate or disadvantaged people in urban slums and remote regions, which piloted in a poor Brazilian shantytown, see . He was a Senior Research Fellow with Philips Electronics, and has his name on over 40 patents and authored articles in international publications, all of which resulted from 36 years of project leadership in diverse scientific domains and interactive multimedia. Widely traveled to remote regions and peoples, he was a Winston Churchill Trust Fellow, studying the cultural impact of the Internet on tribal communities and a Reuters Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University, in California.

Nicolas Villaume ( France )

A world renowned photographer and intrepid traveler, Nicolas is also the founder of Conversations with the World, a visual exploration of international emotion that has resulted in both a book and several exhibitions, see Previously online publisher and development director for international media groups, he is the project leader and photographer of Voices of the Andes, multimedia exhibitions about Andean oral traditions, which have been presented in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and France, with sponsorship from Alliance Français and UNESCO. ( Currently he is also involved in another initiative, indigenous voices on climate change: .

Sanjeev Madan ( USA )
The Financial Director of LCS, Sanjeev is currently a Business Strategist for Hewlett-Packard Business Strategy, Planning and Operations group for North & South America. He holds an MBA and is a strategist and consultant specializing in creating business models for sustainable emerging markets. Sanjeev led the business team for the "Win-Win" VIYH project, from its inception through its development as a major, multi-million euro Philips Electronics pilot in Brazil, and has experience across multiple vertical markets, including Non-profit, Technology, Chemicals and Consumer Products.

Muki Hansteen-Izora ( USA )
The former staff and board president for the NGO Plugged In, which provided IT and training for underprivileged groups, Muki holds an MA in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford University. He is an expert in Distance Learning Technology, especially in new digital audio media for health education, and has spent over a decade as the lead or facilitator of multilateral partnerships, focused on exploring "bottom of the pyramid" technology opportunities. This has included bringing together communities, corporations, NGOs, and other key stakeholders, such as Cisco, Sun, HP, IBM, Americorps, and the United Way. He was a consultant on HP's e-Village initiatives, and worked with Voices in Your Hand on community engagement and the participatory production of two-way interactive content and services.

Robin Hansteen-Izora ( USA )
Having spend a decade of teaching and working in underserved populations in the United States, Robin holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology, focusing on using story as a form of cultural resistance, and a MA in Education from Stanford University. She participated in HP's digital village initiative, while working at the first school site selected to integrate new technologies in the classrooms of disadvantaged school populations. She has also been a contributor and active participant in numerous NGOs, focusing her efforts on youth development in minority populations.

Martin Coulthurst (UK)
Martin is a creative problem solver and a Professional Flash Platform Consultant specializing in Flash Media Server projects. He has over ten years experience in development and project management with different aspects of the Flash technology and its standards for clients in private public sectors in the UK, Europe and North America. The range of multi-user applications he has created include: video conferencing, text chat, online classrooms, synchronized slide shows, video broadcasting, video on demand, custom progressive and streaming video players, interactive whiteboards and touch-screens, record and stream webcams, Prior to setting up his own Flash Media Server Development business, work in the public sector for six years included three years creating e-learning materials as part of the UK National Grid for Learning. see

Tuy Nga Brignol (France)
Vietnamese-born physician and artist, Tuy Nga Brignol now resides in France where she has been responsible in the French Muscular Dystrophy Association for about 8 years for publications for health professionals. As a contributor to international exhibitions, she hopes that her contemporary art works can be a source of inspiration for anyone who looks at them and inspire others to express their inner beauty through their artistic creativity. Tuy Nga has helped LCS for several years as a French translator. See and

Martha Pereira (Peru)
Born in Ecuador, Martha is currently living in Argentina. Originally trained in Design and Arts, her professional interests have turned towards education. She has spent a decade teaching young children in bilingual settings and she is presently interested in Neuropsychology. One of her major interests is to develop educational materials for children with learning difficulties. Martha has worked as a Spanish translator for LCS for some time.